I Have a Voice:
A Forum for Adult Women Survivors of Sexual Assault and/or Abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the most shame provoking experiences a woman can have.  It robs a person of her innocence and self-respect.  It silences the victim so that help is difficult.  The wounds and struggles that follow such an abuse are often as difficult to deal with as the original abuse.  Many victims feel alone, confused, depressed and sometimes feel as if they are going crazy!

The group offers emotional support and skill building.  Topics include assertiveness, setting boundaries, developing support systems, finding new coping skills, dealing with flashbacks, establishing intimacy and more.  This group is a confidential place where women can deal with these issues perhaps for the first time.  This support group is structured around the presence of lay people who have experienced healing in their lives, but professional consultation is available if that is needed regarding specific needs of those who come to the sessions.

Meetings have been occurring at the Center on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM for over a year now.  The group is for women who have experienced sexual assault and/or abuse, and the group has seen many women come to a greater sense of healing and recovery because of their good work.  People who are interested in this support group can call the office of Covenant Ministry Services at 419-228-2070.

Pictured are Barb Link, Deb Workman, Barb Ward - leaders of the sexual abuse support ministry. These women provide for a safe, confidential and spiritually uplifting environment for women who suffer from sexual abuse.