A variety of educational programs and speaking events are available to address the needs of the community. This Center has been instrumental in organizing and/or supporting many different educational events in the community. The topics included have been substance abuse, recovery, sexual abuse, suicide prevention, dynamics of and understanding mental illness, conflict management, understanding the dynamics of the local church as a system, and many other topics.

Marriage Workshops

We offer a variety of marriage workshop experiences.

They range from a weekly seminar for a specified number of weeks to a long, in-depth workshop that seeks to explore the unconscious areas of marital difficulty. In all of the workshops, every effort is given to protect confidentiality of the participants and to provide a safe, non-threatening environment in which to explore the most difficult and most rewarding of human relationships.

Parenting Seminars

No one is given a manual when they become a parent. Parenting is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Our parenting seminars are designed to help parents gain an understanding of the most common pitfalls in the parenting process. It is a given that people tend to repeat patterns that were part of their own childhood experiences. Some of those patterns were helpful; others were not. This series of parenting seminars is designed to assist the parent in understanding some of the psychosocial challenges that children face and to provide the best possible support to guide the child to be a fully functioning and capable adult.